Driko's homage to the '80s! Click for a larger version.
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I admit it: I miss the '80s! Some people call it "retro," but that term just doesn't sound right to me. I grew up during the '80s and relish all of those sometimes-hazy memories imprinted upon me from TV shows, movies, arcade games, current events, and just the general feel of things back then. I wish I could better explain to you why I feel this way, but it seems like I can't put it into words well enough to someone who doesn't already understand. Anyway, it is my hope that this page will rekindle some memories in those of you who remember the time when Supertramp was just gaining its maturity. OK, that line probably didn't make much sense unless you're a Simpsons fan (or even if you are ;-). I should explain that while The Simpsons is not really an '80s show, it is still one of my favorite shows of all time (and it does have some cool '80s flashbacks!). And before someone points it out, I know that the show started in 1989 and that there were animated shorts in the Tracy Ullman show back in 1987, but I stand by my assertion :-p.

On this series of pages, I've compiled lots of '80s goodies; click on a link or select an option from the menu at the top at any time to switch gears.

Here's a quick overview of things. First of all, my pride and joy is my '80s music collection. So far, I've recorded 62 volumes of '80s hits (and some misses, admittedly) on tape, and I'm still working! My latest pursuit is remastering my entire collection to CD, something which I'm diligently working on and will add information on soon. Revel in my obsession love ;-) of '80s music...

Next, I've collected some reminiscences, lists, essays, and quizzes to bring back some of that '80s feeling and to test your memory. See just how much of an impression the '80s left on you!

I've also found huge amounts of links to sites dedicated to '80s music, '80s movies, '80s TV, '80s arcade games and computers, and catchall '80s nostalgia.

Finally, I'm in the midst of creating the ultimate '80s store. I've become an affiliate with Amazon and Moviegoods.com to provide you the best in '80s music, movies, art, and books. Please take a look and enjoy some of the best prices on the Internet for '80s merchandise!

I really need to make some quick acknowledgements here. I wish I could remember where I found all of the links and images to be found on these pages, so I could thank everyone for their efforts in creating and locating them. Well, it's too late for me to figure all that out. But at the very least, I believe I've provided reciprocal links to all the sites I visited and consulted; let me know if I've missed you or should add you, or if you just want to talk about the '80s!

And now, let's take a step back into the '80s! Click here to move on to some favorite memories of mine, or read on about my '80s homage...

In case you're wondering about my pictorial homage to the '80s in the logo of this page, I figured I'd let you in on some behind-the-scenes info. I've been using this image as cover art for '80s mix CDs that I have been remastering from my '80s mix tapes. This image exactly folds over into six "panes" that fit into a jewel case, although it is scaled down a bit for this web page. I am still working on adding things to my homage, so please let me know of any suggestions or comments; contributions are appreciated! :-) The image was created and edited in PhotoShop and took quite a while to do, especially cropping all of the individual images and getting the transparencies and layers right. Although I did scan and capture a lot of things myself, I would like to thank everyone whose images I found and "borrowed." Once again I apologize for not giving everyone individual credit here for their sites and images; I do believe I've at least provided reciprocal links to all the sites I visited. I can't claim any right to the individual images included in the collage (they obviously belong to whatever studio, agency, corporation etc. owns them), but I ask that you please don't use the main image without my permission. I just want to retain some control over my work, considering the amount of time I've put into it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did working on it. See how many people, events, fads and other things associated with the '80s you can identify!

Although music is what I remember best about the '80s, and is one of the easier things to find around nowadays, there are so many other things that I like and remember from the '80s.

Here are a bunch of essays, reminiscences, and quizzes I found written by some "children of the '80s" that I can really relate to:

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