I Hate My Generation: Reasons Why the 90s Suck...

WARNING: This site is intended for those with a sense of humor. Those who are easily offended are suggested to leave.

1) "Alternative music"
2) One word...Barney
3) America's Funniest Home Videos
4) MTV
5) Teletubbies
6) The Taco Bell Dog
7) Call waiting, cell phones, and other "convenient" devices invented so that your life can be interrupted at anytime.
8) Caller ID AKA the end of prank calls.
9) Beanie Babies
10) Gangsta Rap... Whatever happened to the days when rap was fun and cheesy?
11) Puff Daddy and other rap stars stealing classic 80s songs, then actually making money off the record sales. I pity those who actually bought Puff Daddy's "I'll Be Missing You" or his rip off of Led Zeppelin’s "Kashmir" (I was mortified that he dare take such a classic rock song and butcher it like he did... I practically had a heart attack when I first heard it).
12) Michael Jackson is creepy, Madonna is mainstream, and Prince is a symbol.
13) It was fun at first, but by now, I think we're all a little sick and tired of Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Sally, etc...
14) The View, hosted by Barbara Wa Wa.
15) Spice Girls.
16) And we thought NKOTB was bad. The recent attack of boy bands is just plain scary!
17) The grunge look.
18) The death of Kurt Cobain, singer and writer for the only grunge band I ever really loved (I still have every tape that they put out).
19) Gay activist declaring the rainbow as the international "color" of gay pride. Straight people can't even wear tie dyed shirts anymore without getting nasty stares...Thanks!
20) Public interest groups who are offended by anything one says.
21) The GAP. It's not exclusive to the 90s, but I still hate it.
22) Urban Outfitters. There was a time when people wanting to dress different from "mainstream" went to Goodwill. Urban Outfitters has managed to sell the same clothes (yes, as in second hand clothing) for department store prices. I guess if people are stupid enough to buy it, they deserve what they get.
23) David Lettermen's move to CBS. The new time slot forced him to cater to a different audience, ultimately harming the entertainment value of the show. How many times do we need to hear about the dumb lives of actors? Who cares? Give me more stupid pet tricks!
24) Maryiln Manson. This guy is just disturbing. I'm not a tree hugging Tori Amos lover, nonetheless, I refuse to buy his stuff.
25) Oasis. They look like the Beatles, they sound like the Beatles, Don't Look Back In Anger even sounds similar to Lennon's Imagine, but needless to say, they aren't (and never will be) the Beatles.
26) OK Soda. A cough syrup like drink specifically advertised for the slacker generation (well they didn't say it in that many words, but their intentions were obvious).
27) Healthy models get the boot as 100 LB waifs encourage teenage girls everywhere to take up bulimia.
28) Zima, Pepsi Clear, and everything else during that lame "clear phase".
29) Orbitz. Just what I want. The feeling of swallowing phlegm every time I take a sip...yummy!
30) Reasons why the 90s suck… one word, Monica.
31) Extreme sports. Oh OK. You can tie a rope around your ankles and jump off a cliff. How clever and daring. Yeah, you’re extreme…LY STUPID!
32) 80's: Reagan. 90's: Clinton.
33) I’ve been known to have a potty mouth, but even so, I don’t think television should.
34) Why is it that all movies must have at least one of the following: gratuitous violence, nudity, or offensive language. The only movies without an R rating are geared for children.
35) Paul Reuben has a little too much fun in a movie theater and his career is trashed. Bill Clinton, who also is a public figure, can do just about anything he damn well pleases. Something’s wrong here.
36) Political correctness.
37) Man bashing
38) Talking heads (no, not the music group).
39) Latrell Spreewell
40) Baseball and basketball strikes. As if they don't already make enough money!
41) The high heeled sneaker...what was that!?
42) The redesign of jellies. Originally sold for about $5, why would anybody be willing to pay up to $40 for this remake?
43) Pauly Shore
44) The Piano and Nell, quite possibly the two worst movies of the 90s.
45) Alannis Morissette. So, you had a bad relationship, huh? Who hasn't, get over it!
46) "Sexual harassment"
47) Beverly Hills 90210. The actors are in their 30s. Give it a rest.
48) The Power Rangers
49) 10-10 (321) this, 10-10 that, who can keep track?
50) Pull-Up commercials. Especially the one encouraging parents to let the kids decide when it's time to potty train.
51) The string of natural phenomenon movies in the mid 90s (Twister, Dante's Peak, etc.).
52) Himbos. Hollywood's obsession with sexy, but bad actors (Keanu Reeves for example). I'd take Tom Hulce over Tom Cruise anyday!
53) In fear of getting myself in trouble, I'll just leave it at this...O.J. Simpson.
54) The demise of Saturday morning cartoons (no thanks to Nickelodeon and Disney).
55) Mail in offers in cereal boxes instead of toys.
56) The concept of racial pay back ... for example, the title White Entertainment Television would be contoversial although the title Black Entertainment Television is not.
57) Woodstock 94 and UGH, even worse, the approaching Woodstock 99.
58) Hypercolor clothing. A lame fad that lost its fun once it was washed.
59) All 365 days of December 31st 1999 (even though the true millennium officially begins December 31st 2000).
60) Sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Not only do they obstruct the view when driving, but they’re ugly. It’s particularly ironic that stay at home mothers who only use the thing for carpooling and grocery shopping need an all terrain vehicle. Most of them have never escaped the suburbs, not to mention drive up mountains!
61) Road Rules, Real World, Singled Out, etc. I want my MTV damn it!
62) Frivolous lawsuits.
63) The total lack of respect that children have towards adults.
64) Morbid teenagers redirecting their angst into the "Gothic Scene" (Sharp crucifix anyone?)
65) 10 years ago hyperactive kids where treated by giving them structure and attention. Nowadays, kids that are the least bit unmanageable are overdosed on Ritalin.
66) The 90s are so unoriginal that they have to steel fashion staples from other decades (can we say bell bottoms anyone?).
67) What is it with my generation’s fixation on self mutilation (body piercing for example)?
68) Suburban youths ghettofying themselves. Uh majority o' dem gots never taken uh step into da inner city, so roll down dat left pant leg, turn yo' baseball cap around, an' stop acting like somethin' ya’re not (ya dig, g-dog?)!
69) Why is it that Michael Jordan must endorse everything? Go ahead and advertise athletic shoes, but I don’t care what phone company you like.
70) The general feeling of depression
71) Advertisers trying to market towards "generation x" with lame commercials that insult their clients intelligence...can we say Old Navy?
72) Mini backpacks. Blech!
73) Celine Dion. Has anyone noticed how well she can turn her accent off and on, depending on how many pity points she wants. Celine, I know that you came from a very large, poor family, that you were an ugly duckling, and that you married a man twice your age and guess what... I really don’t care!
74) People can’t seem to take responsibility for their actions anymore. Nowadays, other people are always at fault.
75) Marriage vows are meaningless.
76) The United States is a melting pot. If you were born in the United States, you are American, not (your ethnicity here)-American. I too am proud of my heritage, but I don't parade around insisting that I'm called Scot-Irish American. Give me a break! It gets to a point where it becomes ridiculous.

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