Here's some things I remember about growing up in the 80's:

Leg warmers, wide leather belts, lace gloves and brightest neon clothes we could find.

John Hughes films were watched over and over again (who doesn't know the words to The Breakfast Club, word for word?).

Rob Lowe (need I say more?). For the other side... Heather Locklear (TJ Hooker then)

Wham!, Duran Duran, The Outfield, New Kids on The Block, New Edition, Ratt, Pet Shop Boys.

The Pee-Wee Herman, the Gator and break dancing

Little House on the Prairie was on every day at 5:00.

We made friendship pins out of safety pins and beads.

The obligatory colored comb in the back pocket of your jeans

Pony tails were cool. French braids were even better. And barrettes had ribbons hanging down. Pat Benetar set a trend in hairstyle and don't forget the feathered 'do. And when it came to hair, the bigger the better.

Saturday night we watched the Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

Thursday night was the best night on TV. The NBC Thursday night line-up: Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court.

Others to remember: Square Pegs, Dallas, Knots Landing and CHIPS.

Your mother made you wear corduroy pants on the first day of school.

Food was cooked, not nuked. And papers were written by hand. Remember the Apple ][e?

Cool was OP vs. Maui and Sons and preppy was an alligator named IZOD with the collar turned up. Jordache in the early 80's and Guess in the late.

The world discovered the Valley Girl.

Dog Town was the skateboard of choice. Rollerrinks still existed.

The Pepsi challenge.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

The Lakers were on a streak.

People held Hands Across America and sang We Are the World.

Carter was the last Democrat in the White House in over a decade.

David Letterman made his talkshow debut.

Germany reunited and the Berlin Wall came down.

Real ice-cream WITH fat!

Where's the Beef?

Clothes were designed for real people and nine-year olds weren't anorexic.