The 1980's...

A time when Atari 2600's and Commodore 64's were cool, and IBM's were not.

A time when IBM still had half a clue what it was doing, and Bill Gates still cut code.

A time when 300bps was a fast modem, and you could build one cheaper than you could buy one.

A time when there was no Internet, and you just downloaded files from Buletin Board Systems because you could.

A time when scanners weren't even invented, and a mouse was something that you tried to kill.

A time when computer magazines had source code in them, and every program fitted onto a single floppy.

A time when everyone thought Kingswood Country was a funny show, and you wouldn't even think about suing anyone for looking at you the wrong way.

A time when the Fonz defined coolness, and school boys dreamt about being half as good as Ferris Bueller.

A time when no one worked more than 9-5, and we always had time to watch Happy Days, Battlestar Galactica, and the ThunderBirds.

A time when you ran home from school to watch The Curiosity Show, and Jack Palance was the weirdest guy on TV.

A time when the Leyland Brothers took us places we never knew existed, and every 4WD had a smiley face on the back.

A time when Hulk Hogan was a good guy, and you would give your life for a Wrestlemania ticket.

A time when Mr T was the toughest guy in the world, and Rocky was immortal.

A time when there wasn't a movie without a brat packer in it, and it seemed as if John Hughes wrote a movie that defined your life.

A time when you could get 15% interest on your money, and video games only cost 20 cents a credit.

A time when calculator watches were cool, and everyone had a pair of stonewash jeans.

A time when they showed real cartoons, and everyone had a Garfield stuck on their car windscreen.

A time when MacDonald's didn't sell anything with eggs in it for breakfast, and you could get a free Pepsi by cheating on the Taste Challange.

A time when it didn't matter if you had sideburns, and torn "Who Farted" T-Shirts were cool.

A time when Beta video recorders were more than a really expensive clock, and people still thought records sounded better than CD's.

A time when people memorised useless Trival Pursuit questions in order to win a board game.

A time when society was divided into three categories, those that could actually solve the Rubik's Cube, those that fluked it, and those that pulled it apart.

Ah yes, bring back the 1980's I say. Well, maybe not all of it...