Driko's homage to the '80s! Click for a larger version.
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I'm so glad that along with being a little mall rat, I went to the movies often, because to this day I can still enjoy '80s movies, if only for some of their cheesiness. ;-) Starting  alphabetically here you'll find links () to my favorite movies of the '80s.

Along with links to sites, I've listed the availability of those movies in DVD (DVD), VHS (VHS), and CD soundtrack (CD) format through Amazon.com for just about every '80s movie made. Movie poster, film trailer, photo availability, Academy Awardand more are also included with links to moviegoods.com (poster). Complete your collection by shopping at those sites *and* help me out! :-) Finally, you'll also find a comprehensive guide to the Oscar winners of the '80s.

As always, please e-mail me with any suggestions or omissions.

General Movie Link Sites

IMDB (The Internet Movie Database)
simply the best
IMSDb (The Internet Movie Script Database)
IMCDb (The Internet Movie Cars Database)
All-Movie Guide
The Movie Timeline
The Movie Timeline - A made-up history, as extracted from every film ever made
Movie Review Query Engine
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies
The American Film Institute's picks on their 100th anniversary
Turner Classic Movies
Films preserved in the United States National Film Registry
GreenCine | Movie Primers
Film Threat
Cinema Blend - Movie Reviews, Movie News, DVD, and Movie Discussion
JoBlo's Movie Emporium
The Movie Blog
archives of Siskel & Ebert
CHUD - Cinematic Happenings Under Development
The Criterion Collection
News Askew - Your Daily Source For All Things Askew!
SciFlicks.com - Movies by Title
The 100 Worst Films of the 20th Century
Top Grossing Films of All Time in the U.S. Adjusted for Inflation
shillPages - Movie Title Screens Page
Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies

General '80s Movie Sites

The John Hughes Files
The James Cameron Directory
Lisarae's Great 80s Movie Page
80s * Net
The 80's Film Preservation Society
The 80's Movies Gateway
cat313's 80's Film Page
Brian's 80's Movies Page
Teri's 80's Teen Movie Page
80's Movie Critic at LARGE: The Reviews
Film Music of the 80s
Guilty Viewing Pleasures
A Suckers Guide To Teen Movies
Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies
Academy Awards® Winners (1980 - 1989)
shillPages - Movie Title Screens Page
CrossFilms ~ Eighties Ending
Art Of Bond
The International Jingle Collection
contains opening theme jingles of almost every studio and production company
Huge Movie Quiz

Movie Actor Sites

Brat Pack
The Brat Pack
*~Brat Pack Plus 3.0 ~*
Where Are They Now? Sky Movies
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
The Annual John Candy Film Festival
Chevy Chase Central
John Cusack Dares To Be Great
The Karma of Cusack
Cusack for President -- Seriously
patrick dempsey fan page
The Official Corey Feldman HomePage
Harrison Ford: A Web Guide to the Films
fox-rox - A Michael J. Fox Tribute
The Trials & Tribulations of Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Michael Hall's Official Homepage
Darryl Hannah Unofficial Home Page
Steve Martin
Andrew McCarthy Fan Page
the lou diamond phillips fan page
Rio's Attic
great site dedicated to River Phoenix
Molly Ringwald Page
The Molly Ringwald Fan Site
Winona Ryder Online
Welcome Home Winona Ryder
Yahoo Serious
The Official William Shatner Website
William Shatner Sings!
Helen Slater Interactive Home Page
Kelster's James Spader Page
The Official Daphne Zuniga Page


The Breakfast Club

Caddy Shack

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Top Gun





great source for hard-to-find music

Netflix, Inc.

Google Picasa

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