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I watch(ed) way too much TV, but I don't think it fried my brain too badly. ;-) So take a look at these '80s TV links and see how many of them you remember! I've listed some general TV sites first, followed by TV show links alphabetically and ending with 80s cartoons, which is also organized by general sites first followed by sites on specific show. Finally, I've added a section dedicated to TV series, miniseries, and movies on DVD in the '80s TV section in my '80s store. Take a look and see which of your favorite shows is available on DVD!

As always, let me know if I've missed any good sites or shows!

General TV And Link Sites

The Classic TV Database
Sitcoms Online
TV Land
Classic TV Hits
Tim's TV Showcase
The Encyclopedia Of Television
TV Guide
more than just TV listings...
What to Watch.
Television Without Pity
many good articles, reviews, and forums
Crossovers Spin Off
Jump The Shark
Chronicling the Moments of When TV Shows go Downhill
Episode Guides Page
quotes, reviews, and a section on writer Stephen Cannell
Television History - The First 75 Years
French site
Kartelle.com - Your guide to episodes' tv

TV Themes and Commercials

Retro.Vandegrift.net - Opening Themes to TV Shows
The '80s TV Theme SuperSite
the collage in their logo alone is worth a visit!
TV Themes' 80s Commercials
TV Theme MP3s
Theme Tunes Online!
The International Game Show FX Library
up-to-date info on the latest music used in commercials. Usually they're just ripping off and ruining my favorite classic rock, but occasionally fun new songs get overplayed too! :-p
The International Jingle Collection
contains opening theme jingles of almost every studio and production company

TV Actor Sites

The Gary Coleman Page
The Michael J. Fox Database
Michael J. Fox -- A Tribute
Gil Gerard/Buck Rogers Site.
The Offical David Hasselhoff Site of Worship
David Hasselhoff Compendium
The Bob Newhart Web Site
The John Ritter Appreciation Page
The Official William Shatner Website
William Shatner Sings!

TV Show Links

21 Jump Street
The A-Team On The Web
If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM.
The Ultimate A-Team Site!
The A-Team Headquarters
The A-Team Shrine
Captain Cab Home Page
great page dedicated to the somewhat deluded ;-) alter ego of Murdock from the A-Team
Sitcoms Online: AfterMASH
AfterMASH - TV Tome
Airwolf Tribute
Airwolf Themes CD
Stephan's ALF-Page: Main Page
Sitcoms Online: ALF
Stephan's ALF Page
Alice TV Show
Sitcoms Online: Alice
Sitcoms Online: Amen
Archie Bunker's Place Homepage
archie bunker's place
Sitcoms Online: Anything But Love
Sitcoms Online: The Bad News Bears
The Bad News Bears
Sitcoms Online: Barney Miller
The History Of The Batmobile
Battlestar Galactica.com
Battlestar Galactica Fan Club
Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum
Sitcoms Online: Benson
Bosom Buddies Home Page
Sitcoms Online: The Brady Brides
Buck-Rogers.com - The Buck Rogers Web Site
Chris Rozee's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Page
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Charles in Charge Online
Charles in Charge
Charles in Charge
The China Beach Tribute Page
China Beach
"CHiPs" Online
The Cosby Show powered by Fabiano Spinelli
The Cosby Show - A Fan-Page of Stefan Fleuth
Nick at Nite: The Cosby Show
Dallas - TV Tome
Sitcoms Online: Dear John
Dear John
A Different World
Diff'rent Strokes Online
Diff'rent Strokes - TV Tome
Doogie Howser, M.D.
Doogie Howser, M.D. - TV Tome
Double Trouble (1984)
Dave's Dukes Of Hazzard Homepage
Justin's Dukes of Hazzard Page
The Dukes Of Hazzard Album
Empty Nest Online
Empty Nest
The Equalizer - TV Tome
The Equalizer
The Facts of Life Online
The Facts Of Life Site
The Facts of Life Site
Just The Facts Of Life - 80's TV sitcom fan page
Fame Forever
Family Ties Online
The Family Ties Page
Family Ties Home Page
Filthy Rich - TV Tome
Sitcoms Online: Flo
Freaks and Geeks
OK, it's a 1999 show, but it's set in the early '80s, and it's one of my favorite shows of all time. Figures it got cancelled after only one season... :-(
Gimme A Break Online
Gloria Home Page
Golden Girls Central (Sitcoms Online)
Sitcoms Online: Goodnight, Beantown
The Greatest American Hero Unofficial Homepage
Growing Pains
The Growing Pains Archive
Painseeker's Growing Pains
Happy Days Online
International Happy Days Fan Club
Hart to Hart Fan Page
Crapple's Head of the Class Shrine
Head of the Class
Hill Street Blues
Hill Street Blues
The Hogan Family Online
Bryan's Incredible Hulk Page
It's a Living - TV Tome
It's Your Move
It's Your Move Site
The Jeffersons - TV Series - TV Tome
The Jefferson's Home Page
Jennifer Slept Here (1983)
J! Archive
every question from every show of Jeopardy! ever
Joanie Loves Chachi
Kate & Allie
Kids Incorporated
Knight Rider Online
Knight Rider Archive
The Knight Foundation
Knight Replicas - Guide to KITT and KARR
LA Law Main Page
Laverne & Shirley
Laverne and Shirley - TV Tome
Laverne and Shirley
Love Boat Unofficial Home Pages
Love Boat - The Passenger List
datafox's MacGyver Page
The Original MacGyver's Homepage
List of problems solved by MacGyver
Magnum Mania! A Magnum P.I. Fan Site
Marco's Magnum,p.i. Homepage
Robin Masters - Magnum, p.i.
Magnum, p.i. starring Tom Selleck
Magnum, P.I.
Manimal - TV Tome
The Bundy Domain
The 4077th Home Page
Best Care Anywhere
M*A*S*H Online
Max Headroom- Twenty Minutes Into The Future
Max Headroom
Thus Spracht Max Headroom
m i a m i - v i c e . o r g
Miami Vice Chronicles
Miami Vice
Mr. Belvedere!
Mr. Belvedere Online
Moonlighting @ DavidandMaddie.com
Moonlighting in the 21st Century
Mork & Mindy Online
Muppet Central - Your Home For The Muppets
The Muppet Wiki - screenhead
The Swedish Chef!
Murphy Brown: A Fan's Tribute
Sitcoms Online: My Sister Sam
Neighbours : erinsborough.com
Night Court
this girl is OUT OF THIS WORLD
Lindsey's Pee Wee's Playhouse Page
Perfect Strangers - The Ultimate Fan Site
The files of Police Squad!
Punky Brewster / Soleil Moon Frye
The Quantum Leap Information Kiosk
Quantum Leap: The Accelerator Chamber
Ian's Quantum Leap resources
The Remington Steele Gallery
The Riptide Fan Page
Sitcoms Online: The Ropers
St. Elsewhere
St. Elsewhere
St. Elsewhere
The SNL Archives
"Saturday Night" Archives
The Church of Saturday Night Live
NBC.com > Saturday Night Live
Saved By The Bell Site!
Saved by the Bell Home Page
Sid & Marty Krofft's Living Island
I lived off of these shows after school in the '70s (and some '80s reruns...)!
Silver Spoons Online
Silver Spoons - TV Tome
Silver Spoons
The Simpsons Archive
More Simpsons Links and Info on driko.org
The Sledge Hammer! Arsenal
Small Wonder
Soap Online
The Solid Gold - TV.com
Spitting Image
Square Pegs Shrine
Square Pegs (1983)
Square Pegs
Star Trek Sounds and Pictures
Star Trek New Voyages
Street Hawk
Street Hawk
Tales of the Gold Monkey -- Full Service Website
Taxi - TV Tome
Taxi Tribute
Jim's Mario's - The Taxi Fansite
That's Incredible!
Three's Company Fan Network
Sitcoms Online: Three's Company
Three's Company Complex
Three's Company
Three's Company Presents: Jack's Bistro
Sitcoms Online: Three's a Crowd
Too Close For Comfort
Too Close For Comfort
The Tracey Ullman 'Go Home' Page
Trapper John, M.D.
TV-am, Good Morning Britain: the official website. Archives of the Eighties.
V: The Series Interactive Website
V Photo Gallery
Voyagers! Headquarters - The "Unofficial" Voyagers! Home Page
Webster Online
What's Happening!
What's Happening! and What's Happening Now!! Mini Page!
The Who's the Boss? Resource
Aperans, the Haven for Wizards and Warriors
A "WKRP In Cincinnati" Information Site
Music Changes In "WKRP In Cincinnati"
The Cincinatti Beat
The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years as an American Narrative
explores the historical aspects and implications of the show
The Wonder Woman Pages
Amazing-Amazon.com Home Page (Wonder Woman)
Barth's Burgery - You Can't Do That On Television
Barth's Burgery

'80s Cartoons General Links
I loved Saturday mornings (and after school too!)... :-)


general cartoon resources, most covering more than just '80s cartoons

80's Cartoon Central
Toon Tracker
Don Markstein's Toonopedia
The Big Cartoon DataBase
Superhero Cartoon Database
80s Cartoons (UK)
The Censored Cartoons Page
80s Toon Archive
down 6/28/05...
Warner Bros. Cartoons Filmography
Looney Tunes Soundsource
Melissa's Looney Tunes Page
Cartoon-O-Rama: Hanna Barbera Index!
Hanna-Barbera Fully Animated Series List
The Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products


ALF and Rhonda's Spaceship
Battle of the Planets!
The BraveStarr Homepage
Planet Care Bears
Rebelscum.com: Droids and Ewoks: A Home Video History
The Dukes of Hazzard Cartoon Show
The Realm of Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series
The Requiem Project
Dungeons and Dragons was axed after 20 or so episodes due to its "satanic" inferences. This is a creation of the final episode never made.
Galaxy High - Progressive Boink
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
Tammy's Cartoon Guide to Garfield
The Ultimate G.I. Joe Cartoon Website
Complete Guide to G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Quick Kick's Theatre
Knowing is Half the Battle
New Gumbrea (Gummi Bears)
Welcome to CastleGrayskull.org! Your source for He-man and She-ra.
The Inhumanoids Archive
THE Inspector Gadget Page
Universal Appeal Jem
Like a dream the truly outrageous Jem appeared
The Jetsons unofficial home
Flipside (Kidd Video)
The Lazer Tag Academy Page
Slicks M.A.S.K. Fan Page
Muppet Babies: Nanny's Chair
Meet the Orbots
The Pac-Man Cartoon
The Pole Position Animated Series Web Site
Rainbow Land - the Home of Rainbow Brite!
Rainbow Brite Online.com
The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page!
Rescue Rangers - Wikipedia
Pure Robotech
Unofficial Schoolhouse Rock WWW Page
Scooby Doo, We Love You
She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Ra Princess of Power
Wings of Silver, Nerves of Steel... Silverhawks!
The Ultimate Silverhawks Web Page
The Smurfs - TV.com
The OFFICIAL Speed Racer Virtual Pit Stop!
not even close to '80s, but a favorite of mine... :-p
Speed Racer
Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends - THE UNOFFICIAL WEB PAGE
Star Fleet (X Bomber) Homepage
Seanbaby's Super Friends Home Page
The Superfriends Gallery
The Official TMNT Web Site!
The Ultimate Thundercats Web Page
Thundercats Fan Site :: eyeofthundera.net
The Ultimate TigerSharks Web Page
Rob's Transformers Page
The Transformers
The Transformers
Transformers: A History
Transformers Instruction Archive
Transformers - Then & Now
Turbo Teen Web Site


The A Team

Bosom Buddies


Gary Coleman and Twiki



Diff‘rent Strokes

Family Ties

Growing Pains cast

Greatest American Hero

Hill Street Blues


The Love Boat

M*A*S*H original cast

Max Headroom

Miami Vice

Mr. Belvedere


Mork and Mindy

Helen and Stanley Roper

Silver Spoons

Wonder Years

Wonder Woman

Dungeons and Dragons cartoon

G.I. Joe

Smurfette and Vanity Smurf



Optimus Prime




great source for hard-to-find music

Google Picasa

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