Driko's homage to the '80s! Click for a larger version.
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Here are lots of links to sites that don't cover one specific area of the '80s, or are just too broad to categorize specifically. Please let me know if I've missed any good sites!

'80s 'zines and Publications

cool zine dedicated to all kinds of pop culture topics - a must have for true '80s fans!
Lexicon Magazine
another cool magazine with lots of 80s stuff
Cafe Eighties Magazine
some pretty cool stuff here
PopCult Magazine
The obsessive journal of pop culture

General '80s Nostalgia

In The 80s
awesome site of '80s nostalgia
The '80s Server
Some content requires a paid subscription, but there's still a lot to see here...
80'sXChange - The Future of the Eighties
an online community dedicated to the 80s; LOTS of info!
Cusack for President -- Seriously
What a great idea!
Awesome 80's
Nostalgia Central
All Things 80's
Your Past is here in Retroland, movies, tv shows, fashion, toys, and more!
Remember The Eighties
Do You Remember the 70s, 80s and 90s?
Just My Show
pop culture podcast
the eighties tarot
amazing work; too bad there are no plans to publish the deck...
The Eighties - Nostalgia Central
Eighties Extravaganza Hosted By the 80s Guy
The 80's Contents
many well-written essays on the 80s
80s Cafe
larger in scope than even my <a href="80shomage.html">80s homage</A>...
the eighties tarot
Retro Junk
Lost in the '80s
I Was So Eighties
Wild Child Of The 80'S: Prebble's Retro Rage Page
BUBBLEDOG'S Eighties Collections
Crazyfads.com - 1980's fads
80sNostalgia @ www.ezboard.com
Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe--the 1980's
whatever happened to...
One Hit Wonders
There were a bunch of them during the '80s... One of the current pages tells about Meeno Peluce from "Voyagers;" remember that show? One of my favorites...
Feeling Nostalgic???
Brian's World
lots of 80s stuff, including some cool trivia quizzes
Okielady's Product of the 80s Home Page
The Fantastic 80s
The 80's Flashback
It Came From the '80s
Gumby's 80's and Arcade Games
Caroline's Shrine to the '80s
Tribute Gallery To The 1980s
Kate's Eighties Page -the eighties the way *I* remember them!
80-89, The Era Lives
Scott's Tribute To The 80's Page
The Wickedly Awesome 80's
Gnarley 80s
Kupcake's 80s Revival
Stuck in the eighties!
Totally Hot '80s!
Electric Avenue -- Home of the Eighties
sound clips
It's baaaaaack....totally awesome '80s
Brandon's 1980's Flashback Page
www.80s.de - Die Domain über die 80er
a German page on the 80s - interesting perspectives...
... best of 80s ... das Netz für die achtziger Jahre !
Achtziger.de - Alles über die 80er Jahre
a Dutch page dedicated to the 80s!

Specific '80s Nostalgia

The Official Berkeley Breathed Website
Bloom County Zone
great page dedicated to one of my favorite comic strips
The Men's Kouch Club
Tom's Wacky Packages Page
Welcome to Tom's Wacky Packages Page. A complete online reference guide to the greatest non-sport trading cards in history
Official Topps Wacky Packages Website
The Wacky Packages Web Page!!
Star Wars Toy Box
Patrick Nagel gallery
nice gallery of Patrick Nagel's art; very definitely 80s!
Patrick Nagel
The Pocket Calculator Show
showcases classic electronics of the '70s and '80s
Vintage Boombox and Ghettoblaster Homage - Pocket Calculator's Boombox Museum
The Excitement Machine: JCPenney Catalog Fall/Winter 1980
flash back to the cheesiness of '80s fashion :-)
USFL - United States Football League
What a novel concept! ;-p
T&C Surf Designs
cool '80s TShirt designs
Parachute Pants For Sale
Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site
Rich's Micro-Hero Page
Comic Books Archive - Downloads and Current Trends
time-warp Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades

"Current" Events Of The '80s

CNN - Video Almanac
videos of events, commercials, and more of the '80s (and other decades as well)
TIME Magazine Cover Search
Esquire Cover Gallery
80's Time Capsule
nice page with year-by-year summaries of events and personalities
TV-am, Good Morning Britain: the official website. Archives of the Eighties.
The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident, 1986
very well-done documenting the tragic loss of the Challenger
Chernobyl Disaster
a informative and sobering look at another tragedy of the '80s
Temperament in Revolution: Gorbachev
a nice overview of Mikhail Gorbachev's achievements

Childhood Memories, Toys, And Collectibles

lots of fun pop culture, toy, and nostalgia articles and reviews
lots of fun pop culture, toy, and nostalgia articles and reviews
The Showbiz Pizza Place Web Page
This brought back some memories... In case this draws a blank for you, this is one of those cheesy '80s pizza place arcades with the animatronic animal band playing on stage. Guess you had to be there... ;-)
80s Children.com
The 80s Page
The Ultimate 80's Toy Archive
A nice download centre for ALL the remakes available of the old game&watch style.
Time Warp To Childhood
~The 80s Child Webpage!~
Sam's Toybox - The Coolest Toys Ever Made
Complete Guide to G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero
M.U.S.C.L.E. Revisited
The Cabbage Line
I remember my sister on the waiting list for Cabbage Patch Kids; I never understood why people liked them...
The Hostess Page
an archive of all of the cheesy comic book pseudo-stories where superheroes battled the bad guys with Hostess treats :-)
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
comprehensive in scope, it reminded me of all of the obcure sugary treats I ate...
80's C H I L D
The Kids In America
Star Wars Toy Box
vintage star wars, star wars toys, vintage star wars, star wars collectibles, vintage toys, old star wars toys
Empire Island UK
UK-based collectibles site
Video Rewind -The 80's Music Video Game
cool board game...
Anything80s - For the child of the 80s
toys and collectible for sale
ThatToyGrL's Home Page
toys and collectible for sale
RadRowdies.com vintage T-Shirts
great '80s-themed T shirts here
hotrod clothing
UK-based shop with 80s t shirts and more...


Hulk Hogan and Cyndi Lauper!

President Ronald Reagan

Mikhail Gorbachev

Mary Lou Retton

Prince Charles and Princess Di

The valiant crew of the Challenger

Mary Decker at the Olympics

Donald Trump

The hostages return!

Cabbage Patch Kid

Col. Oliver North

Where‘s the beef!?


Where‘s the beef!?




great source for hard-to-find music

Google Picasa

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