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If you've read anything so far, you've probably figured out how much I like music of the '80s. Here I've assembled lots of links to '80s music sites, with a separate section for sites dedicated to specific musical groups. Also, the lyrics links and resources I've assembled have been moved to my '80s tapes and lyrics page. As always, please let me know if I've overlooked a site!

General Music / Reference Links
Lots of general music reference sites

All-Music Guide
one of the best music reference sites I've come across
It is Music
The Ultimate Band List
another good information archive - also lists fan sites and other resources
comprehensive directory of all things music
Timepieces.nl - All Top 100 Albums Of All Time Charts
A collection of all time top 100 albums from the US, UK, Netherlands and Belgium, best albums ever of the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & 2000's, all albums in alphabetical order and by year of release, reviews and sound clips
The Art of the Mix
Making Mix Tapes, Mixed CDs and MP3 Playlists
Fat Chuck's - Corrupt CDs
an up-to-date list of CDs that have been released with safeguards to prevent them from being used on computers. Don't stand for this travesty perpetuated by the RIAA!
I Love Music
an interesting forum that covers a wide variety of musical genres and artists
Rocklopedia Fakebandica!
comprehensive list of fake rock bands appearing in movies and TV shows
loads of information, trivia, and details about songs and their artists.
SoundtrackNet : Trailers
"This site is dedicated to the art (and business) of film and television music. Ranging from film scores to pop music that show up on soundtrack CD and LPs. The source for information on composers, recording companies, retailers, manufacturers, agents and performing right organizations. Weekly and daily features include interviews, articles, and reviews."
TuneFind - Find Music from TV and Movies
up-to-date info on the latest music used in commercials. Usually they're just ripping off and ruining my favorite classic rock, but occasionally fun new songs get overplayed too! :-p
Music from TV Commercials
The Covers Project
a very thorough database of cover versions of songs
The Knockoff Project
One Hit Wonder Central
The Hidden Song Archive
database of hidden tracks
Rock On The Net: The ARC Archive: 1980
lots of chart information from 1980-
Gracenote (CDDB)
encyclopedic resource of CD albums and tracks
Song Tapper
building the definitive database of electronic music...
good source for information on newer soundtracks
Musipedia: The Open Music Encyclopedia
awesome map-based site that tells you what songs are playing on radio stations, searchable by ZIP code
MTV 120 Minutes archive
A retrospective of alternative music: tracking the legacy of MTV's 120 Minutes over the years with playlists submitted by visitors.
musicplasma : the music visual search engine
a very cool search engine that graphically depicts links between music groups and artists
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
the official page - check out the QuickTime VR images
Russ's Radio & Records
"This board is for anyone interested in Radio, new and old, on-line radio streaming, digital and analog transmissions, music and more."
Parental Advisory : Music Censorship in America : Censorship Incidents : 1980s
A selective on-line chronicle of popular music that has been censored, banned, suppressed, or altered against the wishes of its creators and intended audience.
Rock Wisdom
a huge compendium of rock lyrics quotes organized into categories
MeFi Music
sheet music for free and for purchase; not just classical
MTV Online
RollingStone.com 50 Coolest Albums
RollingStone.com 50 Uncoolest Albums
Frank's Vinyl Museum: The Internet Home of Weird Records
some pretty weird and funny stuff here, complete with RealAudio samples and cover images
Musical Instruments Gallery
some very unusual instruments here, including audio samples of most
Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online Contents
Stairway to Heaven, as Schubert wrote it
Alden and Cali Hackmann's Hurdy-gurdy Site
Kick Ass Classical
The Synchronicity Arkive

'80s Internet Audio / Netcasts / MP3s
A good sampling of '80s music and videos available online

The '80s By Dan
one of the few people whose 80s music rivals my own; check it out and listen to his streaming playlists!
Simply 80's NetCast
Radio Nigel
Audiostream Extremely 80's
80s Airwaves
radio hidebound
Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
80s Echo Lounge Radio Home
Club 977 - The 80s Channel
WNEIL: 80's Radio on the Net
Rock of the 80s
The Lost 45s!
Forgotten Top 40 records from the 60s, 70s & 80s.
Generation '80s Retro
TyneFM - The Big '80s and More
Club 80s with DJ Lex Internet Radio
80s Grooves
80s Echo Lounge
FNX Radio Network
Retro Remixes - Live365 Internet Radio
80's Now Dot Com
$5/month, but good stuff...
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Listen for free.
Last.fm - The Social Music Revolution
Last.fm: A free service that tracks your musical taste, finds similar users, and provides musical recommendations and free personalised radio.
mash-up of Pandora and Last.fm
Mike's 80s Mixes
many DJ-quality mixes of '80s songs in MP3 format!
the_dr: Top 11 Bootlegs of 2001
some fun mixes, a couple with good 80s stuff
The Wave Fanatics Home Page
lots of rare New Wave MP3s available for download!
Rare 80's MP3's
Indie MP3 - Keeping C86 Alive!
Retro Mix
listen from compilations that are filled with nothing but Pure Retro, Industrial, Electro, Rhythm, Funk, Disco and best of 80s old school Dance.
April Winchell: Multimedia
a huge variety of celebrity, humor, and just unusual audio, all available as MP3 downloads
80's MP3 Trading Page
huge list of '80s MP3s for trade
U B U W E B :: 365 Days Project
Banned Music
Music For Maniacs
Twisted Tunes - 98 Rock Baltimore
Bud Light Real American Heroes, Real Men of Genius
free music for download, mostly classical

Newsgroups are also a good source for music videos; here are some sites that offer video downloads

Stage6 Music Videos
decent quality divx videos for download
mostly new videos, varying quality
pause online: music videos
QuickTime videos from selected directors/genres, mostly low resolution
BulletinboardForum Presents: MOST POPULAR MUSIC VIDEOS
links to (mostly) YouTube videos
80s Video Clips
links to YouTube videos
Stylus Magazine’s Top 100 Music Videos of All Time
Live 8 videos
requires invitation

Mash-ups aren't necessarily '80s-specific, but you'll find a good amount of fun stuff (including '80s) represented...

GoodBlimey! Blog
hundreds of mash-ups for download
boom selection
MutantPop ~ Index
:: elektrobank v.3.1 ::
acapellas4u.co.uk :: Home
Go Home Productions
DJ Riko
DJ Earworm
dj BC: The Boston Mash-up Project
Party Ben - Root for Stuff
Alex H's Mash-tastic Music Page
Robootlegs: Downloads / Bootlegs
BASS211 Productions & DJ Tripp
LenLowLand Music
some tracks offline?!
bittersoundfoundation : quality audio since 1996
Wax Audio - New Mashups
Music For Maniacs
Mixtaper - Discover, mix and share mp3's online
.:djjayr.com:. [Music]
Mashed Living
CRFTP.com - Music
DJ Axel - Downloads
>>> Mash-Ups.co.uk <<<
soundhog - remixer / musician / DJ
www.al-b3.com -=[ Sounds Of A New Scene ]=-
U B U W E B :: DJ Food
Pop Bastard
Futuro Mashup
tristan shout
Lionel Vinyl
join the party party
Josh Console - CRY.ON.MY.CONSOLE
Musical Bear
McSleazy Bootlegs
..<<TiMG MUSiC>>..
mostly streaming...
.:. hearing double .:.
"temporarily unavailable" 5/15/05
Taking it Ez
tracks offline 6/04
dsico Archives
track links not working 5/05
Das Boot Downloads
Mashmix - Downloads

Specific '80s Music Genre Links
I hate to categorize or stereotype music of any kind, but these sites stood out as great references of their genres

The New Wave Outpost
New Wave Complex
New Wave XG
Temple of New Wave
New Wave Photos by Philippe Carly
Gallery Of New Wave Single Sleeves
Denim and Leather
The BNR Metal Pages
About Heavy Metal
Greg's House of Hair
Punk 77! Punk Rock in the UK
Aha-Soft - Windows Icon Editors
- NJS4E - The History of New Jack Swing by Andrew Knyte

General '80s Music Links
check out all these fellow fans' sites devoted to '80s music!

about.com 80's Music
Topic - '80s Music
reviews of '80s concerts, lots of '80s music info, and a bunch of links
Ultimate 80's Retro Music
And We Danced - Dance Music of the 80s
Pure Eighties Pop
Slave To The Wave
the introductory scroll echos my feelings on '80s music to a tee...
Tiffmeister's 80s Music Connection Page
cool links and info
The Thematic 80s Song of the Week
RealAudio files of songs with cool themes connecting them...
Eighties Music Stop
3 periodically updated music picks in various audio formats
Ryan's 80s Song of the Week
The Music Vaults --- The 1980's....
lots of stuff here, including a very nice gallery of 80s artists
Film Music of the 80s
A ¾-assed tribute to the soundtracks that forged a - presumably fake - generation.
The Classic '80s Music Library
nice collection of 80s magazine reprints on 80s groups
Vintage Boombox and Ghettoblaster Homage - Pocket Calculator's Boombox Museum
comprehensive history of boom boxes, ghetto blasters, jam boxes...
Bands and Songs of the '80s
Remember the Music of the 80's
The 80s were THE Decade for Cool Music. . .
includes a large list of cool '80s songs
80's Music Central
One Hit Wonder Central
covers pretty much all one-hit wonders, 80s included (of course! :)
80s CD Resource Page
80s music video captures, some miscellaneous scans, as well as some nice links to music stores
Raynfall Creations
includes a good "hard to find 80s music section"
King Richard's '80s Musical Kingdom
Pure Obscure
The Big '80s
Marvin's Awesome 80's Music Pages
Vinyl Nirvana: 80's Music Record Collection
Rob's Review Home Page
a nice '80s tape collection and some video captures of music videos
W & A's Record Reviews
huge amounts of reviews of '80s artists and albums
Parental Advisory : Music Censorship in America : Censorship Incidents : 1980s
A selective on-line chronicle of popular music that has been censored, banned, suppressed, or altered against the wishes of its creators and intended audience.
Sloth - Retro Music
good list of 80s songs, with some links too...
Number One Hits of 1980
includes all #1 hits by year for the US, UK, and Australia
Please Puff Daddy, Ruin This Song Too
I thought it was sacrilege when he redid "Every Breath You Take," but there's more...
Danceteria Flyers
Greatest Love Songs !

My favorite '80s (mostly) music groups
By no means complete, and not all '80s, but here they are, starting with links pages and then pretty much alphabetically by artist...

Links To Bands Of The 80's
Open Directory - Arts: Music: Bands and Artists
Gone But Not Forgotten - Dead 80s Pop Stars
80's Nuts - People Who Died
ABC: Official Web Site for ABC and Martin Fry
Ant Lib Online ~ Adam Ant ~ Adam & the Ants
bryan adams.com
Bryan Adams ONline!
The Official Aerosmith World Wide Web Site
The Aerosmith Temple
Cold As Stone
The Alarm Home Page
Asia fan club
www.b52s.com - "The B-52's Universe, The Essential Guide to the Worlds Greatest Party Band"
Bananarama Bunch.com
Bananarama Emporium
The Bangles Official Site
The Complete Bangles
Bangleonia: The lo-fi Bangles Site!
Beastie Boys Lyrics - Annotated
Paul's Boutique Samples and References List
The official Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Web Site
Pat Benatar Fan Club and Artist Information Site
The Berlin Fan Page
The Big Country Official Web Site
Big Country: Steeltown
Big Country - Music - and more ...
Blondie - The Official Web Site
Blondie From Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History by Allan Metz
Bon Jovi
davidbowie.com | the official site
David Bowie Fan Page - Teenage Wildlife
Laura Branigan - The Offical Web Site
Laura Branigan - A Look Back
The Edie Brickell Archive
The A.I. Bronski Beat Home Page
Buckner and Garcia Official Pacman Fever Site
Remember "Pac Man Fever?" Well, there was a whole album accompanying that, which is now being rereleased along with newer stuff. Check it out...
Kate Bush ~Hello Earth~
Belinda Carlisle - My heart goes out to you.
The Ultimate Belinda Carlisle Site
carrack-UK.com the official Paul Carrack web site
Heartbeat City - A Fan-authored Web Site About The Cars
Smokey Lonesome's Home Page, A Tribute To The CARS
Phil Collins - Official Site
No Jacket Required
Lou's Phil Collins Fan Page
Stewart Copeland's website
Bright Blue Times: The Music Of Elvis Costello
Adam's Elvis Costello Page
Brutal Web:The Elvis Costello Homepage
The Cult Unofficial Home Page Fan Club IAN ASTBURY ITALY
The Cult - Spiritwalker Site
slutnostic - the cult collective
www.thecure.com - THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Japanese Whispers.....
The Cure Page
Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees - Yank Me
Def Leppard.com | The official Def Leppard site
The Def Leppard SuperSite
depeche mode dot com
Matt's Depeche Mode Page
DM_81-04 SoundToy
interesting online soundboard application with all kinds of samples from Depeche Mode songs
The Devopolis
Devo Obsesso
Money For Nothing - Unofficial Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits website
Jurgen Gruson's Dire Straits Page
Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler lyrics-chords-tablatures
Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits Unofficial Page
The Flat Earth Society: Thomas Dolby
The Unofficial Thomas Dolby
Andy J's Guide to Thomas Dolby
Duranduran.com The official Duran Duran website
Blue Silver: a guide to Duran Duran
Duran Duran Italia
BBC - Top of the Pops - Starsite
Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People :: The Hulk
Filmtracks Danny Elfman Tribute
Planet Europe
The No.1 Europe Homepage
Jimmy's Europe Page
The Ultimate Eurythmics Discography Homepage
Eurythmics discography
The Fabulous Thunderbirds - The Official Web Site
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Faith No More.com
Faith No More
Faith No More
Falco Homebase
Official Fancy Homepage (German)
the Fixx
The Fixx home page
Fleetwood Mac Official Site
The Penguin
Everything That Is Fleetwood Mac
Matt's Fleetwood Mac Page
A Flock Of Seagulls
The Official Foreigner Web Site
4eigner.net The Foreigner Website
Inside Information: The Foreigner Files
An Alternative To Reality - Frankie Goes To Hollywood Online
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Warriors Return
Peter Gabriel
as you'd expect, this official site is a joy to visit
Real World
visually stunning site by the studio founded by Peter Gabriel
And Through The Wire
The Feeling Begins - Peter Gabriel
Genesis - Official Site
Genesis - World of Genesis
Genesis [Discographies For The Masses]
Genesis Tour Tickets | Genesis Reunion Tour
Official Deborah Gibson Website
Deborah Gibson
Night Ripper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not really '80s, but the Night Ripper album by Girls Talk is a masterpiece of sampling, with lots of '80s stuff
Giuffria Tribute Page
The Go-Go's Official Web Site!
Beauty and the Beat - the Go-Go's website
The Temple of the Go-Go's
Beatnik Beat: The Go-Go's Fanzine
Guns N' Roses Official Site
Guns n' Roses Unofficial Web Site
The Official Sammy Hagar Website
hallandoates.com / official daryl hall john oates website
The Daryl Hall and John Oates Fan Page
Hall And Oates Forever
Corey Hart
Corey Hart Online Archive
Official Colin Hay Website
Hart of Gold--Corey Hart Tribute Webpage
www.hayhead.com - Colin Hay The Man and The Music
Hear 'N Aid Stars
Hear 'N Aid Stars Info
Don Henley
Don Henley
Don Henley/Eagles Discography
Susanna Hoffs Home Page
Reproduction - Human League
Human League
hysteria | the unofficial human league website
The Human League - Blind Youth - the complete guide to The Human League 1977-1980
Interactive Idol
Unofficial Billy Idol Website
Idol Chic
I N X S . C O M
An Excess of INXS
Iron Maiden Official Page
Iron Maiden FAQ
The It Bites Official Website
Michael Jackson
Planet Jackson
M-Jackson.com - The Path To The Future
Michael Jackson News Online
Rick James - The Official Internet Home of The King of Funk
Official JoBoxers Web site
The Official Site for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
J e + + S c a p e
Billy Joel
Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire'
Howard Jones Information Network
Howard Jones - HoJo Talkies - Meet the fans of Howard Jones!!
Journey - Escape To Infinity
Nick Kamen
Nik Kershaw's Official Homepage
Nik Kershaw Unofficial Web Site
The Kinks
KISS Sales and News Center - Kats Eyes Products
Kool And The Gang
Cyndi Lauper official page
cyndi lauper online
Cyndi Lauper's planet
The Official Level 42 Web Site
Dave's Level 42 Page
Huey Lewis & the News
NEWSline II, The Huey Lewis and the News Fan Club - Home
Live Aid - A Celebration
LivingColournet.com :: The Living Colour Site
Sam's Living Colour Site
Kenny Loggins.com
Todd Peach's Kenny Loggins Page
this is for when you feel...something
...then back into light.....
Complete & Utter Madness
Madonna Files
Madonna Shots
Aimee Mann
Fredrik's Aimee Mann site
John Mellencamp Official Site
Mellenhead's page!
The Works of Men At Work
The Unofficial Men at Work Home Page
Midnight Oil
ministry web land
Mike + The Mechanics - House Of Many Rooms
Mike + The Mechanics
Steve Miller Band Official Web Site
The Definitive Steve Miller Homepage
The Unofficial Steve Miller Band Page
Steve Miller Band Discography
The Milli Vanilli Homepage
The HomePages - Unofficial Home of Pages and Mr Mister
Mr. Mister - Pages - 3rd Matinee - Richard Page: index - homepage
Martha Davis & The Motels - Official Site
The Motels featuring Martha Davis
Motley Crue - By Fans For Fans
Chronological Crue
99 Luftballons vs. 99 Red Balloons
New Order Dot Net
New Order Discography
The Official Olivia Newton-John website
The Olivia Newton-John fan club Only Olivia
Goodmans Olivia Newton-John Fan Page
The Nicks Fix
Night Ranger.net
Ellen's Night Ranger Page
NuWorld - Official Gary Numan Web Site
This is Absolution - This is Gary Numan
Official OMD Website
Pat's World Of OMD
OMD Compiled
omd discography | orchestral manoeuvres in the dark
The Outfield Homepage
Robert Palmer . Com
robert palmer
Robert Palmer dot ORG
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
American Girl's Tribute to Tom Petty
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd : Echoes
A Saucerful of Echoes : Entrance
A Complete Analysis of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
Poison Web Site
ThePolice.com home
Rogier's Police Page
Police Home
possibly down?
police band
Power Station Site incl Andy Taylor and Robert Palmer
Jiblet's Pretenders Place
Dawnation - The independent guide 2 Prince | www.dawnation.com
NPG Music Club
Beautiful Chaos! Love Spit Love & The Psychedelic Furs
The Room - Psychedelic Furs
Queen Online - Official Site
The Official International Queen Fan Club- Home/News
Quiet Riot Force-Official/Unofficial Web Site
The Official Ramones Site
Ramones: The band that ate my brain
Hands Across Your Face
RATT's Official Internet Presence
Chewy's Ratt Infestation
The Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Website
Red Hot Chili Peppers Central
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Troublekids In Funk Heaven
R.E.M. hq
The Ultimate R.E.M.
...a way to make you smile... An R.E.M. fan site Main page
The Replacements
Romantics Detroit - The Official Site
Run's House
It's Tricky! Run-DMC Unofficial Site
The Only Website Dedicated To Seona Dancing
Siouxsie And The Banshees Home Page
Skid Row Main
I Know it's Over- A Little Something About The Smiths
The Arcane Old Wardrobe
The Official Smithereens Web Site
The Patty Smyth Web Page
Sparks Album Reviews by Martin Truksa
Spinal Tap Official Home Page
Spinal Tap Fan Site and This is Spinal Tap
Nigel's Dubley Shop
Smell The Page
Spinal Tap Shrine
Rick Springfield's Home On The Web
Rick Springfield's Rock of Life
Still Crazy For Rick
Squeeze Discography
The Unofficial Starship Home Page
Jermaine Stewart
Sting.com - official site
possibly down?
Sting Etc.
Stock Aitken Waterman & PWL | cafe80s
infamous '80s music producers
Strawberry Switchblade
Phil & Shaun / Stray Cats
Francey's Talking-Heads.Net
The Fantastic Tears For Fears Page
Danny's Tears for Fears Homepage
10,000 Maniacs
10,000 MANIACS - Amaze Me Now
The Official Tesla Website
Tesla: America's Greatest Band.
Official 38 Special HomePage
Unofficial Thompson Twins Home Page
www.toto99.com - Official TOTO Website
Absolutely Toto
Triumph - Never Surrender
RockAndRollMachine.net - Home
Twisted Sister - Back To Kick Your Ass!
The Twisted Sister File
Dee Snider
Extreme Voice - Ultravox official website
Ultravox discography
Matt's U2 Page
even better than the real thing
Edgar Segio's All-Inclusive U2 Page
The Official Van Halen Web Site
Van Halen News Desk
Neil's Vixen Page
The Unofficial Vixen Page
John Waite World Wide Connection
N E T W A I T E--a fan tribute to the career of John Waite
Official Warrant Website
Downboys.com - Warrant Fan Site
We Are The World
White Lion Forever
Mane Attraction
Whitesnake Official Website
Kim Wilde TV - a WebTV dedicated to Kim Wilde
The Official Steve Winwood
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site
The "Weird Al" Yankovic Collection
We've Got It All On UHF
weird al yankovic
Al-oholics Anonymous
The Not Al Page: The top Weird Al songs he didn't write.

'80s Cover Band Home Pages
Check out these cover bands keeping the '80s alive!

B.A. Baracus Army
The Retros Home Page
Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Men-Machines
The Breakfast Club
Class Of '87
Planet 80s
Retro Express Intro Page
Hair Guitar, The Tribute!
Rock Kandy
Home of Hairzilla, St. Louis' premere '80s to todays Hair Metal / Hard Rock Act. You wont believe your eyes and ears!
Cookie Mongoloid
Nostalgia Cleveland


Huey Lewis and Madonna

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Billy Joel

David Byrne

Phil Collins

Tom Petty

"Weird Al" Yankovic




The Cars


Adam Ant

Pat Benatar

Duran Duran

Bruce Springsteen

Billy Idol

Laura Branigan

Peter Gabriel

Culture Club

The Police

Beastie Boys

Flock of Seagulls

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson


Def Leppard

Lionel Richie

The Go-Go's

Duran Duran's Rio


Thompson Twins

Men Without Hats

Bryan Adams

David Lee Roth

Olivia Newton-John

Howard Jones

George Michael


Tina Turner and Mick Jagger

Kim Wilde


Kenny Loggins


Robert Palmer

Human League

Dee Snider


Sheena Easton

Rick James

Solid Gold

Casey Kasem

Paula Abdul

Milli Vanilli

USA For Africe

Band Aid

Live Aid

Hands Across America




great source for hard-to-find music

Google Picasa

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