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I was such a little mall rat/computer geek! OK fine, I still am a little :-). In any case, hanging out at the arcade trying to master the newest game was one of my favorite pasttimes. Did anyone else have a birthday party at an arcade? Man, do I miss that! In case you are unaware, there are emulators out now that can play almost any arcade game (or home gaming system/computer) created; check out these emulation links for more info! I also played with (and sometimes even attempted to program on) most of the home gaming systems and early computers out there, so links reminding me of of them also remind me when 64kb of memory was some hot shit! ;-)

By the way, all of these cool screen shots came from the MAME32 QA Test & Art Dept.'s site. In case you didn't know, there is a great arcade emulator called MAME that lets you play over 2000 of your favorite games! Check these links for more info and to download free (!) software!

Arcade Games

Every Video Game
play Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega, and arcade games in your browser!
lots of wallpapers from arcade, console, and computer games
Video Game Sprites
i am 8-bit exhibit
great L.A. art exhibit of classic arcade games and characters
The Dot Eaters: Classic Video Game History
Lots of arcade game sites are hosted here, as well as a great source of emulation programs - see below for more emulation stuff.
The Video Game Museum
great site with screen snapshots of hundreds of arcade and computer games and a lot more
KLOV.com -- Killer List of Videogames
A huge list of arcade games, with descriptions, pictures, and other info for each.
CinemArcade.com: Your source for MAME intro movies
some great rendered/animated walkthroughs of a classic arcade!
GameFAQs: GameFAQs System List
great site with hints, cheats, and more for current games as well as classic systems and arcarde games
Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks
lots of hints and tips here for arcade and emulated games
chronicles the travels of the "exhibit of the true history of video games."
some interesting arcade and video game stuff
The Internet Pinball Database
Adge's Visual History Of Gaming
A History of Video Game Music
Arcade Ambience
the author has recorded over an hour's worth of arcade game audio from games around in 1981 or 1983, creating the perfect amibience for playing classic arcade games. Awesome...
T E X T F I L E S - Arcade Ambience
Pac-Man and Space Invaders in Excel
Freaks and Geeks Arcade
play some fun take-offs of popular 80s arcade games
50 Greatest Shooters
Digital Press Sound Archives
sound effects, arcade game themes, and SID music for download
The Online Video Game Atlas
Arcade Art
Videogame Theater
Peter Hirschberg - Arcade Pics
I wish I had an arcade like this...
The Basement Arcade
site dedicated to the restoration of arcade games, as well as links to many other sites
Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ
some nice info on making your own arcade game cabinet etc.
Ubercade - MAME Arcade Cabinet
Treyonics Devastator II Arcade Home Controller Systems
Star Wars: A Video Games Saga
The Galaga Worship Page
Dragon's Lair Collectibles
The Dragon's Lair Project
Digital Leisure - Dragon's Lair
You can order Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II, and Space Ace on CD or DVD from here!
1st Church of Pac-Man
History Of Pac-Man
The Ms. Pac Man Page
Tron Arcade Page
Mario Sprite History
GameSpot Presents: The History of Donkey Kong
The Philosophical Revelations of Sinistar
Mobile Invaders
play Space Invaders on your mobile phone
..:: SHANDI ::..

Home Gaming Systems and Computers

History of Home Video Games Homepage
Computer Closet Collection - Video Game Index
Classic Videogame Ads
A History of Video Game Music
Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum
The Virtual ColecoVision Homepage
Norman G. Sippel's ColecoVision Homepage!
AtariAge - Have You Played Atari Today?
AtariAge - Atari Comic Books
Have you played Atari today?
Reminiscing: 8-Bit Atari Games
Back In Time - Arcade Emulation & all things Atari
Atari Gaming Headquarters Main Page
The Atari Museum
Atari 5200 Archive
30 Secrets of Atari
Home of the Unofficial Atari Prototype Games Page
HANDHELDEN © 660 handheld and tabletop games from the 1970s and 1980s
Electronic Plastic: with pics & details to more than 600 handheld and tabletop games from the 70s and 80s.


Computer History
Computer Closet Collection - Computer Index
The Oldskool PC -- 1980's IBM PC Gaming Nostalgia and Resources
evolt.org - Browser Archive
check out this archive of all of the early web browsers...
8-Bit-Nirvana: Werbung
German ads for classic computers
Kempa.com: Vinyl Data
video games were embedded in some LPs!
BBS Documentary
Profanity Adventures
GB64.COM - C64 Games, Database, Music, Emulation, Frontends, Reviews and Articles
C64 Unlimited - Games Archive: A
Welcome to Arnold
Lemon - Commodore 64 Heaven!
Linus´ c64 games page
Patrick van der Poel's Commodore 64 cartridge roms
World of FairLight: PC tools
resource for Commodore utilities for the PC
The Almighty C64
CCS64 : The Ultimate C64 Emulator for the PC
decent Commodore emulator for the PC
The VICE Emulator
Ultima tribute
all 6 Ultima games for the C64 game can be found here
The Last Ninja Archive
great site covering one of the best C64 games IMHO
play Commodore 64 games online (no download required)
raelity bytes - C64 on Nokia Series 60
emulate the C64 on a Nokia 3650?!
Virtual Apple 2 - Online disk archive
The Beagle Bros Online Museum
Dragon 32 Hardware
Dragon & Tandy CoCo Resources

Arcade Game/Home Video Game Emulators and ROMs

home of THE best Windows-based MAME frontend, as well as lots of other emulator info and downloads
The Vintage Gaming Network
One of the best sites for emulation software, ROMs, and front ends - updated daily. Really good source for MAME stuff... ( formerly Dave's Videogame Classics)
Back In Time - Arcade Emulation & all things Atari
Emulation Epicenter Geoshock
Zophar's Domain
another great source for emulation software and info
Emulation Central
good emulation and ROMs site
Arcade ROM Heaven-Where all good roms are laid to rest !!
Retrocactus.com - Classic Videogame Nostalgia
Lee's PeeknPoke
The Emulator Zone - Your Source for Emulation!
Emulators for Palm PDAs: An Overview of the Best Review
BU22.COM - Home of GameBase, the Universal Emulator Frontend
TOSEC v2.0
The official MAME page
You must get MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)!! It faithfully emulates over *4000* classic arcade games on your PC! This site is a little slow, though, so check out others below...
Mame32 QA_Test & Art Dept.
Add some cool background art and icons to the 32-bit Windows version of MAME!
3D Arcade Readme
The largest MAME resource on the net!
Crashtest's Emulation Page
Emucation.Com, download roms
MAMEreactor - ROMs Through File Sharing
MameRom Argentina
Kaillera - Main
software that works with MAME to allow play over the Internet!
MAME Jump!
great video showing off MAME to the tune of "Jump"
FreeMameRoms Project
CinemArcade.com: Your source for MAME intro movies
some great rendered/animated walkthroughs of a classic arcade!
Ultimate MAME Machine
another nice MAME page, with info on making custom consoles and cabinets
Arcade Ambience
the author has recorded over an hour's worth of arcade game audio from games around in 1981 or 1983, creating the perfect amibience for playing classic arcade games. Awesome...
The Arcade Flyer Archive - News
collect flyers for arcade games for use in MAME and other emulators
MAME Titles
MAME32 Catlist
MAMu_'s MAMEICONS: Ze Ultimate M.A.M.E Users site ;)
ClrMame Homepage
Logiqx - CMPro/RomCenter Tools
EMAM - Marquees
MameHot - Panels
Every Video Game
play Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega, and arcade games in your browser!
Retro Remakes
The Official MESS Home Page
The next best thing to MAME! MESS is a really nice multiple-platform emulator, covering home video games consoles like ColecoVision, home computers like the Commodore, and a whole lot more. Check it out!
The Virtual ColecoVision Homepage
Exult - Ultima 7 Emulator
DOSGAMES.com: How to get DOS games to work in Windows XP!
LEDhead Classic Electronic Handheld Game Simulator
GUSemu official homepage
Official home of the Gravis Ultrasound Emulator (GUSemu)
Genesis, SNES, NES, N64
SNES ROMs, NES ROMs, Neo Geo ROMs, Genesis ROMs, N64 ROMs, MAME ROMs, GBA ROMs, and more.
AJ's VPinMAME - Table Downloads
Welcome to PINMAME
X-Arcade Trackball Mouse
HotRod - Unofficial support


The Official Abandonware Ring
Abandon Ware - Oldgames.org
Abandonware Spot
Abandoned Places v5!
Best Old Games | Old Games for free download
Abandonia Reloaded
DOS Gamer's Heaven!



Donkey Kong



Elevator  Action

Dig Dug

Space  Invaders

Mr. Do

Battle Zone











great source for hard-to-find music

Google Picasa

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